Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for customers to be informed of of when we repair devices or provide our services.

Customers are advised that if installation or re-installation of operating systems is required then machines will be returned to customers without programme applications being re-installed unless original installation discs and product licences are provided.  Where Games and Computers are requested to re-install applications customers are advised that this is a time consuming task for which charges will be levied at £20 per half hour or part of for engineer’s time on this task.

Games and Computers UK Ltd accept that we are responsible to safeguard customer’s computers and other hardware/accessories handed over to games and Computers for servicing/repair.  We undertake to treat customer’s property with due care and respect.  It is sometimes the case that opening up computers can be difficult and may involve causing damage to parts to do so.  In this event we will obtain customer’s consent before doing so and will advise the customer that replacement parts, if required, will in this circumstance be chargeable to the customer.   We accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by our negligence and will endeavour to make good any such damage or wherever possible to replace any loss.  Should the need arise we will compensate the customer by mutual agreement. 

Customers are advised that every effort will be made to secure their data while computers are being serviced.  However, we cannot guarantee customer data integrity.  The nature of some hard disk and file corruption problems that exist before machines are handed over to Games and Computers are such that data may not be able to be secured and/or recovered from the data storage devices in the computer.   Customers are advised that it is primarily their responsibility to ensure that their data is safe by keeping a regular backup copy.

Games and Computers will undertake to communicate with the customer by the means agreed at the time the job is booked in.  Should the preferred means of communication change, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Games and Computers of this change.  Once a job is complete we will notify the customer of this completion by this means.  

Computers not collected within 3 months of notification will be disposed of by Games and Computers with any revenues gained being used to offset any repair charges incurred.